Project 52: A challenge to capture one photo a week for an entire year.

I have been a fan of Clickin Moms since long before I ever actually owned my big girl camera. I have been a long time lover of CMPro artists like Joy Prouty and Mae Burke. Following their inspiring journeys has awakened a passion in my heart for photography that I honestly never knew existed. Through it all they sing the praises of the Clickin Moms team and the community of women over on the CM forums. So, of course, one of the very first things I did after I convinced The Captain that we should invest (what is for us) a good chunk of change into a camera was to join the CM forums. Best decision I have made. There is a wealth of information available and the supportive women who commit themselves to this community are truly inspiring.

One group project they organize every year is a Project 52. This is a challenge where prompts are provided on a weekly basis to assist participants with creating a photograph a week for an entire year. The prompts given are meant to truly push you as an artist and help you improve your craft. I am so honored to participate in this project in 2016. Here are my submissions to date:

Week 1: A Self Portrait

self1 (1 of 1)

It seems appropriate that a self portrait was the first prompt of this project. While I am getting more and more comfortable behind my lens everyday being in front of the camera is not my strong suit. I am one of those people that becomes painfully aware that I have no idea what to do with my hands… I often end up looking confused and stiff in photographs. Aside from my own awkward tendencies, the technical logistics of taking a self portrait are a whole new game. Attempting to meter and focus when you cannot see what you are doing behind the camera is a challenge in itself. I knew I wanted the final product to be b&w and I knew I wanted to be back lit, but I didn’t factor in needing to bounce light back into my face to lift some of the shadow there. I was going for dark and mysterious, but in a perfect world (one where I didn’t have a rumpus Cub tearing about…) I would have pulled out my reflector and tried the shot again. Maybe I will someday.

Week 2: Intentions

P52week2CM (1 of 1)

In week 2 we were asked to really consider our intentions in the new year. Mine are to be more present with The Cub. He is growing so fast everyday. It is so easy to be distracted by galleries needing to be edited or dirty dishes filling the sink. My one great intention is to s l o w d o w n, get on his level, and really experience this season of life. He will never be this small again. I don’t want to miss a  minute.

Week 3: Routine

P42WK3CM (1 of 1)

Coffee, coffee, coffee, erryday….

Week 4: My Favorite Thing

favecm (1 of 1)

This guy is my very favorite. No contest. I just can’t get enough of him, watching him grow and explore this world makes my heart explode on a regular basis.

Week 5: Winter

Week5CM (1 of 1)

Growing up in Texas, we never really had white winters. If it snowed an inch we were so excited!! Now that we live in Colorado we get to experience all five seasons in all of their glory. It is truly one of my very favorite things about living here. I love seeing The Cub experience these cozy snowy winters. It really makes you appreciate the newness of Spring and the warmth that it brings.

This brings us to Week 6: Finding The Light. I will be posting this week soon! Follow along to see my progression this year!